picasso art replicas in our Vancouver and Saskatoon locations

We are delighted to have you on Arted Collective | The home for the most unique Canadian art around. With locations in Vancouver, Saskatoon and Edmonton, we are poised to help you reach the stars. We also specialize in custom car seats with abstract art. We perfected and created them out of nowhere. With over 15 years of history in custom car and furniture upholstery, we can get you the most right design for your home wall or for car designs.

We carry all kinds of art and are determined to have your business and give you art related pleasure. After all, isn’t life art in itself?

A lot of organizations donate for charity as well and if you do, we will be the best place for you to give your art away. We have many connections and yearly auctions which can help you and your favourite art charity win.

Pointers to Decorating with art

Choose a neutral background. White walls are best but darker neutrals, will also work well when taking in consideration the framing and the tones of the painting. A good lighting system is important so that you can maximize the viewing and effect of your artwork. In the evening, highlight it with light. Make use of lights aiming from different angles and not just from the ceiling. Consider from the floor or walls. For a better look, try to hide the lighting.

Before purchasing your art, study and decide on how you are going to place it. Where will it show best? What size will fit better? will it be better to make use of one large print or a group of smaller ones. Consider moving smaller items such as a lamp, a shelf or a chair for your print or prints When possible hung your art away from any furniture or other artworks with the exception of groups themed together. When possible hung it at eye level.

When the placing your artwork above a piece of furniture such as a couch or a chair, try to position the image not too high. ideally it should be placed just lower than center between the ceiling and the top of the furniture keeping it as close as possible to eye level.

It is important to move your art around every once in a while. Move it around to re-create interest. if you leave it for to long a time in the same place, you will with time stop looking at it. Consider moving the art from one room to another. Give it an opportunity to be enjoyed by guests.

Make full use of your own preferences in style and decor. Make your home unique by using family photos, paintings, and crafts . Do not try to reproduce other homes.

When shopping for frames for your art, keep in mind the style of furniture and the architecture of the room. Your frame should enhances the artwork and not the colors of the walls or the room. Select a conservative frame instead of one that reflects a current trend but will be out of style in the next few years.

Choosing your art

When buying art, before any other, consider your tastes and interests. Buy and collect art that makes you feel inspired, excited or images that move you.

Price will usually limits your choices. If looking for Original art, it will generally be more expensive but it can be found at reasonable prices in outdoor fairs, or open studio events.

When considering reproductions, you will have the option of limited signed and numbered editions or open editions. By Purchasing open editions such a prints and posters you can decorate your room at very low cost and still achieve the effect that art does to any room. Our site contains thousands of affordable open edition prints and posters especially selected with decoration in mind. If price is of consideration, This site is for you.

After all, you need expert opinion on determining what art is and if it’s authentic or not. One of th e best things about us is that we are quite clear on replicas and authentic art. Just let us know which one you are looking for and we will help you out. No issues with that. We have several experts on our team that specialize in different art types, deco and furniture.

If you need help, we can definitely hook you up.

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